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Crazy Time Review

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Discover All the Tips and Tricks for Winning Big at Crazy Time

To increase your chances of winning in Crazy Time against other players, it helps to have a strategy. You must ascertain the approach that suits you the most and be aware of when to give up. You can also use Crazy Time stats to analyze and make use of information generated by other players. The following advice and techniques can help you increase your chances.

Have the Best Strategy

Your chances of winning will increase and your overall gaming experience will be enhanced when you play Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming with a solid strategy. For instance, if you don’t want to take significant risks, you might choose to wager on the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10. You have a greater chance of winning because this cover 83.33% of the money wheel. If you don’t mind taking chances, try placing your bets only on the bonus games. But remember that your chances will be lower.

Familiarize Yourself with The Bonus Game Rules.

Understanding the rules is one of the best things you can do when playing any online casino game. Rules must be followed even in straightforward wheel money games like Crazy Time and Dream Catcher. Before playing, you should become familiar with them so that you will know what to expect. Before beginning, make an effort to comprehend the bets, multipliers, and bonus games. Play only after being familiar with the bonus round rules.

Recognize When to Stop

Because it can become addictive, it’s crucial to know when to stop playing. The fun won’t increase when things aren’t going well, for sure. When you are experiencing a losing streak, avoid chasing losses. Take a break instead, and return later.

Frequently Asked Questions

The RTP of the Cleopatra slot is 95.02%. We have created a comparison with other slots so that you can better understand how favourable this figure is. Check out our Cleopatra RTP overview section for full details.

What is the RTP of Crazy Time?

The RTP of Crazy Time is 96.08%

What is the Highest Multiplier in Crazy Time?

The Highest Multiplier in Crazy Time is 12,500x

Where can I play Crazy Time?

Given the prevalent appeal of Crazy Time, it's a safe bet that most casinos will feature this game. Nevertheless, we've taken it upon ourselves to present you with the finest real money casinos where you can indulge in playing Crazy Time.

How do I play Crazy Time?

Our guide on how to play Crazy Time is both thorough and user-friendly, providing you with all the information you need about features winning combinations, payouts, betting range, and strategies to increase your chances of winning.

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