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Lightning Roulette Slot Review

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Lightning Roulette Rules and Statistics

The way in which the game is played is that you put bets on the outcome of the spin after the ball stops moving through the wheel. You can place bets on odd numbers, even numbers black/red, etc.

The only distinction between normal roulette as well as lightning roulette is, if the ball falls on the lightning number you have bet the winnings you win will be multiplied by 500 times!

For more details regarding the game, click the menu icon, and then go to Help to explore the various choices. In the Help section, you will discover Lighting Roulette rules, bet types, outcomes as well as shortcuts, and much more.

Tips and Tricks In Lightning Roulette

As with any game of chance strategy, winning isn’t always guaranteed when you choose to employ these quick roulette strategies. But, employing the Lighting Roulette strategies can definitely boost your chances of winning and can help you tip the odds in your favor.

Here are 5 roulette lightning strategies that you can test:

1. Bets on every number

Place bets on every number to be sure of at least one multiplier. The key here is to stop betting when you have a huge multiplier (250x or 500x) because you’ll eventually begin losing money.

2. Bet in a positive way

The biggest winners in Lighting Roulette are even numbers So your best chance of winning is to place your bets on any number or more instead of red/black or odd/even numbers.

3. Play Bonus

A lot of bookmakers from South Africa offer a welcome bonus upon registration and deposit. Make use of your winnings for playing without cost, meaning every win you make is free. You might have to bet for a while before you stop however it’s not difficult to win if you have a good multiplier.

4. Results from using the code and stats

Lightning Roulette allows you to see the outcomes and stats of the most recent 500 rounds. To see them, simply click the “bar chart” icon in the lower right-hand area of the display. 

5. Go 50/50

Place half of your bet on odd/even bets or black/red bets (almost 50 chances to win) and the remaining half on positive numbers. The majority of the time, the bet you earn on black or red odd/even bets will cover your winning bet. You can also play Monopoly Live with the same method of hedging.

Frequently Asked Questions

The RTP of the Cleopatra slot is 95.02%. We have created a comparison with other slots so that you can better understand how favourable this figure is. Check out our Cleopatra RTP overview section for full details.

What is the RTP of Lightning Roulette?

The RTP of Lightning Roulette is 97.30%

What is the Highest Multiplier in Lightning Roulette?

The Highest Multiplier in Lightning Roulette is 2000x

Where can I play Lightning Roulette?

You may reasonably bet that Lightning Roulette would be offered at most casinos given how well-liked it is. But we've worked hard to offer you the top real money casinos where you can play Lightning Roulette.

How do I play Lightning Roulette?

Learn how to play Lightning Roulette game with our extensive, yet easy to follow instruction. You'll discover everything about the symbols, winning combinations and paylines. The betting range, increasing your chances of winning, and other topics have also been explored.

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